Digitized Card Games

People addicted to card games do not have to carry around a thick deck of card with them to play and can instead log into their smartphone or tablets to either play online with friends or alone. Most physical games like Uno, solitaire and others are now available in digital format.

List of popular digital card games

Uno – This popular children’s game is a classic that most people have grown up playing with friends and family. Its digital version follows the original formula and introduces players to new and novel features like alternate rulesets to make it more exciting. Players keen on playing the game within a large room with each other can use its tournament mode to play with each other via Wi-Fi or else its multiplayer mode for thrill of playing in competition with each other.

Ascension – Chronicle of the Godslayer

Players can download this game for free from Android and iOS while making other Apps purchases. This game is designed more like a cross between card and board game and was developed by players of popular card game. Chronicle of the Godslayer is different from regular collectible card games as players have to build decks as the game progresses. Players can play this as a social app with friends and peers that are on different platforms like mobiles or laptops PC’s.


This humorous game is based on Cards Against Humanity and is based on a similar premise wherein players have to match cards to form a humorous albeit politically incorrect sentence. A judge appointed by all players, decides which of the suggested combinations is the most appropriate one to complete the sentence. The application is available via Chromecast only and can be plugged into HDMI port of your television for streaming.

Magic 2015

This free card game is now in its fifth generation and is a digitized version of Magic: The Gathering. Its new version allows players to create custom decks without limitation representing a creature that can be summoned by the player or a spell that can be cast. It is an addictive game of luck and skill.